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Snacking has come a long way from the days where a shelf consisted purely of crisps and chocolate. The modern shopper is more concerned than ever about their own health and the impact of the products they consume, and retailers who cater to these specific requirements are best positioned to share in the growth.

As the largest driver of category growth over the past 2 years, KIND is here to help you have the best fixture to benefit from these consumer trends.

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how to boost sales naturally.

follow these tips to maximise your healthy snacking sales:

back the best.

stocking the leading brands is the best way of driving sales. But you also need to make sure there is variety in the range to target all the main “better-for-you” snacking segments

make it easy.

help the shopper find the specific product they’re looking for by having a well-ordered and clearly labelled fixture. The easier it is for a shopper to navigate the more likely they are to purchase

home for healthy.

Ensure “better-for-you” snacking has it’s own distinct home, grouped together and ideally separated from cheaper snacks such as confectionery. This maximises the impact the category has on increasing basket spend with your shoppers

secondary space.

“better-for-you” snacking is a highly impulsive category. To ensure every shopper finds the right products it’s important to have them in several locations around the store. Consider siting at the checkout, on an aisle-end or next to the chiller as part of a link-deal

how to make the most of
your fixture.

“better for you” snacking is predicted to grow six times faster than confectionery and the higher price-points of products in this category offer extremely generous margins. It makes sense to give this category the space it deserves. It’s also worth considering that the top 15 bestselling products are from the same 3 brands (IRI). Get your range and layout right and you’ll see the sales soar.

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Brighten up your morning! 

A classic the whole family will love! 

100% whole grains paired with almond butter.

Double...Dark…Chocolate…Nut...the name says it all.

Rich toasted caramel and crunchy whole almonds and peanuts come together for a snack that only tastes like dessert.

Smooth peanut butter. Crunchy whole peanuts. It's a snack-lover's dream come true.

An iconic flavour... done better.

Your peanut butter fix - now pocket-sized.

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