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we are all born kind.

but we don't always choose to be kind.

because it takes effort
to make a kind choice for your body
& to be kind to others.

when we do... you'll see that kindness has
the power to change the world.


here at KIND we believe in creating snacks that are good for you & your taste buds

our products will always lead with a nutrient-dense first ingredient – like whole nuts, whole grains or whole fruit


but we don’t only love making delicious snack bars. a big part of our mission is to change the world through acts of kindness.

meet Cat

our brand manager in the UK. Cat is particularly passionate about MS, to support her passion we are raising money for Monkey Sox, help us support & pick up a pair of their awesome socks.

meet Harry

our mental health lead. Harry is our mental health champion, leading our partnership with CALM, explore how you can take action & exercise kindness to strengthen your mental health.

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